November 27th, 2019

Episode #23

Pushing the Limits of What’s Possible. Can We Alter Our DNA with Our Minds?

As much as human beings have learned over the years, there are still extremely significant concepts that we have no explanation for. In this episode, Dan Sullivan, Mark Young, and their guest Perry Marshall discuss some of the biggest unanswered questions, the different kinds of intelligence, and more.

Unintelligent AI: Siri understands everything you say but has no idea what you mean.

Limited companies: The limitations of AI limit what companies like Facebook and Google can do.

Complete disconnect: A complete disconnect can be observed in what people are doing in medicine and biology, and what people are doing in technology.

Spark question: Nobody knows what the spark is that makes life what life is, or where it comes from, and even a partial answer to that question would transform everything.

Potential mistake: Humans have very little understanding of what biological intelligence is, and if we don’t acknowledge that, a terrible mistake could be made.

Lacking tools: No system has the tools to fix itself.

In infancy: Some people think that science is a mature discipline, but it might be that it’s just in its infancy.

Adaptable and cooperative: Business is the survival of the most adaptable and cooperative.

Generosity choice: Generosity can never be forced; it has to be chosen.

Transcendental mindset: Every human is born with a transcendental mindset, wanting to believe that there’s something outside of ourselves.

Imagine possibilities: Something humans can do that machines can’t is to imagine possibilities that no one has presented to them.