July 16th, 2020

Episode #29

Why The Democratic Party Is No Longer Democratic

No schemes, lies, or falsehoods that the Democratic Party has tried against President Trump have worked, and now they’re out of ideas and getting desperate. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss the failures of the modern Democratic Party and list ways in which President Trump has continued to think big and succeed.

Political correctness: Is nothing more than a bullying tool to silence and shame those who disagree with the modern Socialist mobs.

Political subdivision: The Democrats are currently a political subdivision of the mainstream media.

Moderate wing extinction: We may be in the last few months of the existence of a moderate wing of the Democratic Party.

Set by childhood: One’s political affiliation is often set by their childhood.

Nothing else left: It might be that the media and the Democratic Party have no options left but to manipulate people into rioting, and looting.

World’s police force: President Trump understands that there’s no reason left for the U.S. to be the global police force at their own cost, and with little help from others.