January 1st, 2018

Episode #3

The Ingenuity Mindset

It's the clever thinking of individuals that allows others to do things in an entirely new way. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss how this is something that America has represented for people since its founding, and why it's caused some people to hate the U.S.

Selling the future: Instead of doing my research first, I get the cheque first. Then when the cheque comes in, I’m on the line because I have to figure out what the cheque writers want so I can deliver it.

A new way: The whole emphasis of ingenuity is that people are able to do something in an entirely new way because of someone's clever thinking—a good description of what the U.S. was and is for many people.

Hated for ingenuity: Ingeniousness is the biggest source of hatred of America. It’s the biggest source of jealousy.

A challenge: Ingenuity is a challenge to the existing ways of doing things.

Ingenuity for freedom: The ingenuity of the United States was first of all to create a product where freedom was more possible than it was anywhere else in the world at that time, but then to send the message back to people who were not enjoying freedom and didn't even know what freedom actually meant.

Always harms: All ingenious breakthroughs harm someone economically, socially, or even politically. When you create new ways of doing things, existing ways of doing things can be harmed.