October 23rd, 2019

Episode #22

Election Predictions

There are radically different ideas out there about the current president, and in this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss why that is, plus share predictions for the upcoming election.

Mostly wrong: Most pollsters made the wrong prediction about who would win the most recent presidential election.

Spending less: Donald Trump spent far less than Hillary Clinton on advertising during the presidential campaign.

All socialists: All of the people currently running on the democratic ticket are socialists, whether they call themselves that or not.

Creating war: If there’s no world war to get people to abandon their rights, something else can be created that will do the same thing.

Good vs. evil: It can be argued that the upcoming federal election is a battle of good versus evil because socialism is evil.

Weaker media: Media no longer seems to have the power to damage the prospects of the American president.

In a liberal world: The average conservative understands liberals better than the average liberal understands conservatives.