May 21st, 2020

Episode #28

A Divided America In ThePost-Virus World

The Democratic Party has taken the current crisis as an opportunity to take down the current president, but Donald Trump is making decisions that favor the American people. Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss current events as they relate to the lock-down and share predictions for American politics post-virus.

Individual rights:  The U.S. is based on the rights of the individual taking precedent over the rights of the collective.

Media failures:  Mainstream media isn’t reporting what’s happening so much as they’re projecting their wishes and those of their friends.

Totalitarian Gameplan:  Behind the scenes, democrats have always been working on a totalitarian gameplan.

No trust:  A problem in communist countries is that nobody trusts anybody else. 

Individuals Don’t Matter: There’s no good communism, because in communism, individuals don’t matter.

Lost credibility:  China might have lost its credibility as a reliable trade partner and political partner in the world.

To Punish:  Donald Trump might focus on punishing China and making the country atone for destroying so many lives and economies.

Since The ‘60s:  No significant ideas have come out of the Democratic Party since the 1960s.

Always expanding:  The nature of government is to always keep expanding and to never shut down a department or operation