March 6th, 2019

Episode #16

Why Socialism Can’t Work in America

Some believe that a change to socialism would be for the greater good in America, but socialism actually isn't for the benefit of all. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young explain why socialism can never happen in a voluntary state.

Governs government: The Constitution doesn't govern the American people; the Constitution governs the American government.

Three Ps: There are three "Ps" that actually create the economic world: the pricing mechanism of the marketplace, profit and loss, and personal property.

Subject to theory: Socialism doesn't embrace measurement or accountability that isn't subject to theory.

Not for all: It can be argued that socialism isn't for the benefit of all, but rather taking from some to give to others.

Never voluntary: Socialism has to be imposed, and it has to be coerced, so it can never happen in a voluntary state.

Immune to feedback: Some governmental structures have had problems in adjusting to the increase in the world's population because they’re immune to feedback.

Creating scarcity: The system of socialism guarantees the creation of scarcity.

Self-development required: Capitalism requires the maximum self-development of individuals.

Threatening innovation: Socialism interferes with any innovation that's going to threaten the existing structure.

Effective action: Capitalism is a way to produce more effective action out in the world.