January 22nd, 2020

Episode #25

Disconnecting From Europe – Part 2

 For 100 years, the U.S. has done good for other countries in the world, but that involvement is coming to an end. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss how President Trump is dedicated to doing good for the American people and why those who hate him hate the philosophical American.

Paid for: A lot of countries are wealthy because of the rebuilding efforts paid for by Americans after the Second World War.

With money: When something really drives people crazy, it has something to do with money.

People protected: It’s in the Constitution that the American people will be protected from the potential incompetence of its leaders.

Qualities ensured: The Constitution ensures that no matter who is leading the country, the American people can experience the qualities that make up a philosophical American.

Possibility ended: We’ve reached the end of the possibility for America to make the rest of the world like America.

Anti-European: The U.S. Constitution is a 100 percent anti-European document.

Access to communication: Americans on the left would never have the access to communication and the influential power they have if they hadn’t been born in the U.S.

No intellectuals required: Intellectual is the only position in the U.S. that isn’t respected, because the Constitution is an operating system that requires no further intellectuals.

Gives the right: Diplomas don’t give you the right to do what you do. It’s what check writers are seeing in their minds that gives you the right.

Birthplace of hatred: The hatred of the U.S. finds its birthplace in the intellectual class, and especially in the intellectual class in Europe.