August 17th, 2023

Episode #45

Entrepreneurial Mindsets In The White House • Part One

Plenty of people are confused as to why President Trump acts the way he does. That might be because Trump was the first entrepreneur in the White House. Dan Sullivan and Mark Young share how Trump’s mindsets line up with those of the most successful entrepreneurs, how he differs from Democrats and career politicians, and why bureaucrats misunderstand the approach he takes.



In This Episode:


Entrepreneurs see problems as opportunities.


In 20 years, all new combat airplanes will be drones.


There’s a wisdom and skill that come from doing presidential campaigns.


Trump knows that U.S. domestic policy is a form of entertainment.


Democrats have only one type of fuel in their tank, and that’s power.


Trump isn’t an ideologue; he’s a problem solver.


The left doesn’t understand that the more they attack Trump, the more they feed him.


You have to take extra steps as your chronological age moves forward.


No matter what you’ve done up until now, your future has to be bigger than your past.


The closest historical precedent to how Trump thinks about developing the economy is the Whig Party.