May 3rd, 2022

Episode #38

Coming Back Stronger, Two Years Later

Although a lot of businesses suffered over the past two years of the global pandemic, many entrepreneurs have not only survived, but actually expanded and grown. Dan Sullivan and Mark Young talk about how and why they thrived during the lockdown and what they believe things will be like now that we’re getting back to meeting in person.

In This Episode:

Keep it moving: For certain types of audiences, you have to keep things moving in order to keep their attention and focus.

Talk about them: A reliable way to keep your clients engaged is to avoid abstractions and talk only about the clients.

Feeling very strong: Entrepreneurs who were able to expand and grow over the last two years are feeling very strong right now.

Less fragile: Entrepreneurial companies who receive coaching are less fragile than they’d otherwise be.

On check writers: The best people on whom to test out a new product or service are the people who write your checks.

Marketing and sales change: Your marketing and sales have to change according to your client base.

Three areas: For organizations to work properly, they need to have three great areas of skill on their team—people to make things up, people to make things real, and people to make them recur.

First in memories: The lockdown has been the first time in many people’s memories when Americans have been unable to buy things when they want it, even though they have the money.

Present an opportunity: A scarcity of products can present an opportunity to the right entrepreneur.



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