July 5th, 2023

Episode #44

Capitalism—And Everything Else

What is capitalism? Everyone thinks they know the answer, but a lot of people are completely wrong. There’s also the danger of unhappiness that comes with misunderstanding it. Dan Sullivan and Mark Young explain what capitalism really means, the history of its development, why a few people consider it a dirty word, and how one’s understanding of it is the dividing line between happy and unhappy Americans.

In This Episode:

The American Constitution is an operating system for creating a continually growing capitalist country.

Over 50 percent of people under 35 think socialism is a better option than capitalism.

Jealousy means you are afraid to lose something you have, while envy means that you want someone else to lose something they have.

Envy became institutionalized in the form of socialism.

Capitalism was named by its enemies.

Ideologies including communism, socialism, and fascism are emotional reactions to the methodology that is capitalism.

Capitalism is the only organizing structure that starts with individual uniqueness.

Capitalism is a system that has winners and losers.

There are five stages of capitalism: pricing, property, productivity, profitability, and prosperity.

The frequency bias is that humans tend to believe the thing they hear the most.

It’s abundance, not scarcity, that makes people uncontrollable.



Envy: A Theory of Social Behaviour by Helmut Schoeck



Capitalism—And Everything Else by Dan Sullivan



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