November 7th, 2018

Episode #12

How America Is A Country Of Exceptionalism

While some mindsets around the world encourage being average, the United States is a country that encourages individuals to be exceptional. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young talk about why this is the case and how the country was made for entrepreneurs.

Exceptional impact: If you take responsibility for yourself, distinguish yourself, and use ingenuity to do it, the impact of that outside of yourself is likely exceptionalism.

Killing exceptionalism: The part of America that is geographically but not philosophically American finds exceptionalism to be morally repulsive or reprehensible. But when we kill the goal and the desire to be exceptional, we stop getting exceptional results from people.

Making progress: Human progress is made by somebody doing something better, and that then serving as a kind of map for others to make improvements in their own lives.

Doesn't detract: Any number of people being exceptional doesn't take anything away from each person’s exceptionalism. It's not a direct competition.

Causes discomfort: If someone has gotten used to average, running into an exceptional person can cause them discomfort.

Double-edged sword: Exceptionalism is the thing that will bring most successful entrepreneurs the most grief—and the most personal satisfaction.