July 11th, 2018

Episode #8

The Transcendence Mindset

There has never been a state-imposed belief system in the U.S., but many Americans feel they have a personal relationship with a higher power. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young talk about how a personal belief in God gives Americans increasing purposeful energy.

Purposeful energy: Your personal belief in God gives you increasing purposeful energy.

80% believe: Something like 80% of Americans said "yes" when asked, "Do you have a sense that there's a God and that you have a connection with that God?"

Cut off: Whenever you try to say only our relationship and only our definition of God is the right one, and you have to toe the line, then it gets cut off from the energy. Then it becomes just another collectivist dictatorship.

No imposition: James Madison said that the one thing we have to protect-and it's really protected right in the first amendment of the Constitution-is that people are going to believe what they believe about God and that there will be no state-imposed belief system.

Always been: There's always been this development of a particular spiritual consciousness in the American public about a personal relationship with a higher being outside the realm of organized religion.