September 2nd, 2021

Episode #35

Why The Biggest Corporations Have Many Enemies

Now that Donald Trump has announced a class action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter, a lot of facts will come to light about how these enormous companies profit from their users. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young explain how these corporations use their users’ attention to make money and reveal other practices you might not have been aware of.


• Personal liability: In filing a class action suit against not only companies but their CEOs, Donald Trump is trying to attach personal liability.

• Creating control: By creating a class action suit, Donald Trump has made himself the lead plaintiff, which means he’ll have control even if there are many other plaintiffs.

• Selling your data: While they’re free to use, Facebook and Twitter make money by selling their users’ data.

• Misusing your attention: A cause of bother that you might not have identified is that other people are misusing your attention.

• Causes depression: Facebook can cause depression by making you think your life isn’t as good as other people’s.

• Long-term disintegration: The Democratic Party is in a state of long-term disintegration now because they don’t have a single issue that’s popular with the public.