June 11th, 2019

Episode #19

The Entrepreneurial Mindsets of the American Frontier

How did the American people come by their individualism, ingenuity, and exceptionalism? In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young explain how the challenges faced by the first European settlers in America led to the formation of the philosophical characteristics of Americans.

Frontier mindsets: What was required to expand the frontier in America developed the eight American mindsets.

The next frontier: Following the end of the actual, physical frontier, the form that the frontier took was entrepreneurism.

Self-governing capability: For the first European settlers in America, it was crucial that they had the capability of self-government, quickly establishing rules and structures.

Transforming opposition: Anything we come up against can be transformed to be the way we want it.

Not conquering: America has never philosophically tried to conquer the world.

Orderly and systematic: No empire has ever been created in as orderly and systematic a fashion as the U.S.

Destroying innovation: Regulation is destructive to innovation, as bureaucracy is destructive to entrepreneurism.

No drop-off: The U.S. is the only prosperous, industrially and technologically developed country on the planet that hasn’t experienced a downward curve in religious activity.

Bigger than you: When you’re doing new things and you’re not quite sure of yourself, you have to believe in things that are bigger than you.

No risks: If you grew up with socialist beliefs, it might be that you don’t want to take risks.