January 1st, 2018

Episode #5

The Teamwork Mindset

Most of America's biggest successes have been the result of teamwork turning ideas into practical reality. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young give examples of this, and present the theory that the model for teamwork was built into the American way right from the beginning.

Comparing to the ideal: People who hate America are always comparing America to their ideal of America. They’re not looking at the country from the standpoint of where it was 50 or 100 years ago.

A fundamental emotion: The fundamental emotion of all haters of America is pessimism.

Built on teamwork: When you look at how the country was built, it was individuals coming up with new ideas that all required teamwork for them to go from the idea stage to the practical reality stage.

The teamwork model: There's only so much life, liberty, and happiness that you can develop for yourself before you have to cross over into cooperation and collaboration with other people. The teamwork model was built into it right in from the beginning.

Fastest to market: American individuals are the best in the world at creative teamwork that generates entirely new approaches and methods, and the teamwork of the American capital market system will get your new idea to the market faster than anything else in the world.

Freedom to innovate: One cannot be innovative if they're not free to take a chance with their idea.

Succeed or fail: American culture gives individuals maximum freedom to succeed as well as maximum freedom to fail.

Top and bottom: Collectives tend to try to put a bottom under failure, but then they put a top over success. They protect you from failure, but they prevent you from real success.