May 8th, 2019

Episode #18

Episode 18: Democratic Philosophies Are Un-American

While socialism can seem to be about compassion, it's really about a few people gaining power, and it's an anti-American concept. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young talk about how the next presidential election will be a decision between the American ideal and its opposite.

Diametrically opposed: The next presidential election will feature two competing philosophies that are diametrically opposed: entrepreneurism and socialism.

Philosophically opposed: Every quality that's philosophically American is opposed to the Green New Deal.

Bringing back: Some Democratic candidates are proposing bringing back ideas that were the reason that some people left Europe for America in the first place. 

Daily transactions: What changes society are the daily transactions of buying and selling things.

Constantly shifting: Marketplace-determined prices for products and services are constantly shifting, which defeats the notion of central planning.

Controlling power: Socialism is first and foremost about a very small number of people planning all of the transactions in society.

Other people's money: Socialism is great for some people, but it has to be paid for with other people's money.

No competing: Socialism is for people who don't want to have a measured result or to compete. 

Voting socialist: Socialism is dictatorship that's been voted for.

For the philosophy: It might be that in the upcoming election, the philosophies will be so starkly opposed to each other that people will vote for a certain candidate even if they don't like the individual.