July 21st, 2021

Episode #34

The Unhealthy Mind when Gratitude Goes Missing

The Unhealthy Mind When Gratitude Goes Missing

Despite Democrats winning the presidency, the whole party is still wildly unhappy and dissatisfied despite having total control. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young theorize why this is, and why things have become so politically polarized in the U.S.

Even unhappier: Not being able to blame Trump for all the world’s problems anymore has made Democrats even more insufferable and unhinged.

Angry combination: The combination of narcissism, envy, and a lack of gratitude makes for an angry person.

Sooner or later: If you hang out with angry, unhealthy people, sooner or later you’ll catch the bug yourself.

Availability bias: The trend to believe everything Democrats claim is because of the overwhelming bias of the socialist media.

Confirmation bias: Social media platforms use algorithms to deliver information that matches your belief system, keeping you from seeing other points of view.

Envious wants: Envious people often don’t want what the other person has; they just want the other person to not have it.