November 3rd, 2022

Episode #42

American Change Means World Change

For the last 75 years, the United States has helped the rest of the world prosper by providing security and stability. This has come to an end, even though many people argue the U.S. should continue acting as protector and financier. Dan Sullivan and Mark Young give examples of world change happening right now and discuss the very different positions that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are in when it comes to the future.
In This Episode:
The Republican Party is far more optimistic about the future than the Democrats are.
This isn’t the same Republican Party that Americans grew up with.
There’s a big shift going on in the world, which means there has to be a big shift going on in the country.
The Democratic Party has no “basics” because they’ve distanced themselves from the American Constitution.
The U.S. created the entire global economy so that as many countries as possible could make their way up the ladder in terms of quality of life and living standards.
Russia and China have been experiencing their best times in history because the U.S. made it possible.
The government not allowing its people to see information automatically makes people skeptical.
The two main courts that are the future of law in the United States are the circuit courts and the courts of appeals.