October 30th, 2020

Episode #31

The Problem With Victimhood

The Democratic Party places all importance on one’s group memberships and none on individuality. Dan Sullivan and Mark Young explain how seeking victimhood status only serves to make people unhappy.


Victimhood status: There’s an order of importance amongst the left that’s based on victimhood. The more of a victim you are, the more status you have.

Won’t make you happy: If you’re determined to find proof that you’re a victim, you’ll find it, but none of it will help you achieve your goals.

Disintegrate and collapse: During the 2020s, the Democratic Party will be the first major American political party since 1856 to disintegrate and collapse.

European thought: Social justice is a European thought that has parts of socialism, fascism, Nazi-ism, and communism in it.

News is nothing but opinions: You used to watch the evening news to form your own opinions, and now you listen to opinions and try to figure out what is actually news.