September 9th, 2020

Episode #30

What the Next 25 Years in the U.S. Will Look Like

As the U.S.federal election approaches, many are worried that we’re losing the battle for the heart of America. However, what’s being commonly heard from the Left and in the media isn’t necessarily true. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young predict how the election is really going to go and how the long-standing structures of the Democratic Party might be set to collapse.


Two sides:  The outcome of the upcoming election will be an exhilarating win on one side and a demoralizing loss on the other.

Haven’t responded:  The people who haven’t responded in polls are probably voting for Trump, but it can be dangerous to say you’re doing that.

Structures collapsing:  We could see a collapse in the structures of the Democratic Party akin to the fall of the wall in the Soviet Union.

Angered out:  If Trump wins, it might be that the Left and the mainstream media will be out of anger and fall into a severe depression.

Broke tradition:  President Obama broke the tradition of peacefully handing over power.

Projecting fear:  Everything the Democrats say we should worry about regarding Trump are actually things we should worry about regarding the Democrats.

Psychological warfare:  The media in America today is propaganda, engaging in psychological warfare on Americans.

More leaders:  The Republicans are probably always developing about three times more political leaders than the Democrats.

Mass movement:  Current events are going to result in many people moving out of their cities, or even out of their states.

Conservative analyzing:  Conservative people analyze while left-wing people feel.

Democratic leadership:  The cities that are having problems with police right now are all ones with Democratic leadership