January 1st, 2018

Episode #1

Introducing The American Checklist

Dan Sullivan and Mark Young explain how America is the entrepreneurial country and the aspirational country, the difference between a philosophical American and a geographical American, and their plans to explore the American mindsets in this podcast series.

Entrepreneurial America: America is the entrepreneurial country. If you look at the founding documents and the experience of the country’s founders, the U.S. is the only country that was entrepreneurial from the start.

The American spirit: It’s in the American spirit to go through all of the difficulty of being an entrepreneur and to test yourself in the marketplace—whether you’re good or not depends on what the marketplace says—and to turn yourself around and try something else if you fail.

Aspirational country: America is a place where you can have a future that’s bigger than your past. That’s always been the central message.

All about mindsets: America is the one country on the planet that’s strictly about mindsets. You’re either a happy American or an unhappy American depending on your mindset about being in America or relating to America. Or you have a mindset that sees America as something negative. There’s nothing predetermined about which kind of mindset you’ll have.

Born everywhere: People can be born outside of the U.S. and have American mindsets.