December 2nd, 2020

Episode #32

A Constitutional Crisis

The problems of 2020 have continued with the federal election, but the story is not over.  Mark Young and Dan Sullivan discuss how the election results do not make sense and share predictions for what will happen over the next four years.

Inside a republic: All U.S. states are democracies, but they are democracies inside of a constitutionally limited republic.

Irregularities: We might see proof of the following voting irregularities: systematic disposal of votes for one candidate, and massive amounts of votes for one candidate that came in beyond the time of the normal polls closing.

Odd states: In certain key states where Trump was far ahead, they stopped counting the votes with no logical explanation whatsoever.

Why it’s there: The very reason the U.S. has a constitution is to protect against the ways in which election results could be manipulated.

Misuse easier: Misuse of new technology is easier than the detection and the countermeasures for it.

After 8: The Supreme Court might rule that no vote cast after 8:00 local time will be counted, and most of the suspected irregularities happened after that time.

Still loyal: If Biden gets seated, we will have “two presidents” over the next four years, because over 70 million people will stay loyal to Trump.

Now open: Trump’s personality will not allow him to come out on a loss, and he is now open to use his media power to criticize Biden’s policies, and to fundraise or campaign.