July 17th, 2019

Episode #20

America’s Frontier Attitude Toward The Future

The same mindsets that possessed people to come to America and expand its surveyed boundaries are alive and well in Americans today. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss how people who are philosophically American are motivated to create bigger and better futures rather than stick with the status quo.

Inherited wealth: In the U.S., inherited wealth isn’t well respected, and it may even be seen as a sign of incompetence.

Comeback stories: Americans love comeback stories because reinvention is a central part of Americans’ DNA.

Founding mindsets: There’s a theory that American mindsets were founded by the millions of people who came to America because they were attracted by the possibilities and promises that were made about this “new land.”

Establishment and frontier: There’s always a tension between those who want to stay in established areas and those who want to expand the boundaries of what’s been established.

Frontier mindsets: The characteristics of the people who expanded the American frontier are the same ones entrepreneurs possess today.

Many frontiers: From an entrepreneurial standpoint, there’s no difference between a frontier of land and many other frontiers, including those of technology, medicine, and space.