March 11th, 2022

Episode #37

American Happiness: The Book

American Happiness: The Book Dan Sullivan and Dr. Mark Young are proud to share their brand new book with you! If you’d like to discover the mindsets of a happy American, purchase your copy of American Happiness right here:


In This Episode:

Created and Blueprinted:  The U.S. was created and blueprinted by the Founding Fathers to be an entrepreneurial republic.

Not Their Mindset:  When you have people who say they hate America, it’s because the country wasn’t designed for people with their mindset.

Many Are Concerned:  Many people on the right are concerned that progressivism, socialism, and even communism have taken hold in America and are about to swallow the country up.

Can Only Grow:  Progressivism can't grow on the basis of the marketplace. It can only grow on the expansion of government.

Unfortunate By-Product:  One of the unfortunate by-products of war is that it expands he agencies of government in a very non-accountable way.

Tend to Gravitate:  Americans who believe in progressivism tend to gravitate toward jobs in government and media, making it seem like the movement is much larger than it actually is.



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