May 9th, 2018

Episode #6

The Growth Mindset

Many Americans see opportunities even in failure. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss how Americans are disrespected if they don't have personal growth as a goal, and rewarded if they make something bigger out of what they've been given.

Growth is central: Central to American culture is that growth is a goal, growth is a result, growth is a measurement, and growth is a capability. You're taught this as an American, that you should grow.

Respected for growth: In America, if you don't have growth as a personal goal, you’re disrespected after a while. On the other hand, you're very rewarded if you’ve made something of yourself.

Measuring growth: The U.S. is amazing in the number of different kinds of measurement that it has for growth in all areas. There are 100 independent measurement bureaus that are measuring whether something actually happened, whether it's really honest growth, and whether it's really productive growth.

No experts: In a collective, all expansion needs to be directed by experts, but there’s no such thing as an expert in relationship to growth.

Growth operating system: Because of America’s constitution, and the way the arrangements are laid out with the 50 states, it’s actually a growth operating system.

Cultural role models: Generally speaking, over time, people who grow things in the United States are considered cultural role models.

Growth for happiness: When people are growing, they're happier than when they're stuck. There are so many people who are extraordinarily well educated but become very depressed because, with all that education, they don’t actually grow.