July 5th, 2022

Episode #39

The Seismic Shift Happening In American Politics

In This Episode:

The U.S. Constitution says that states are in charge of voting. This brings up a lot of complications and a lot of controversies. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss many factors that affect politics and voting in the United States and some of the issues that will be important in the up coming election.



Closest to what: Philosophical conservatives might support the Republican party because Republican candidates are the closest to what they want.

The Libertarian problem: The problem that Libertarians have had is that they can’t stand being withone another.

A moderateRepublican: By today’s standards, John F. Kennedywould probably beconsidered a moderateRepublican.

A different party: Politicians sometimes have a better chance of winning a race if they run for a different party.

Themselves in danger: Universities, corporations, and bureaucracies are putting themselves in danger by the way they’re currently talking about issues.

Not the solution: The American people are seeing for the first time that government is not the solution to their problems. 

No collective bargaining: Unlike at the state level, there’s no collective bargaining in the federal civil service.

The common thread: When you look at bureaucrats, the common thread is a lack of accountability